A lot of diseases have been acquired by many people nowadays because of the unhealthy lifestyle that we have. According to statistics, ancient people have acquired lesser number of diseases as compared to our generation, and one great factor of this is the kind of foods that we eat. In the ancient times, their food has lesser preservatives. They don’t have the so-called junk foods. They don’t have fast foods and restaurants, and they prepare their own food. Nowadays, almost all of our foods are being processed and preserved. We become too dependent of the foods prepared in the fast foods and restaurants, having no concern of what risks would these foods give to our health.

One of the most common diseases that the entire world is encountering nowadays is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. From the name itself, it has something to do with Blood Pressure. Our Blood Pressure is classified by systolic and diastolic pressures. Systolic pressure refers to the pressure of the blood during a heart beat while diastolic refers to the pressure of the blood between heartbeats. The normal blood pressure is 90-119/60-79 mmHg. Any numbers higher than this range is considered as hypertension, or high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure heightens a person’s risks of having stroke, kidney disease, and heart disease. It is considered as a silent killer since it never manifests any signs and symptoms. If not diagnosed earlier, it could kill anybody without any knowledge of it.

There really is no specific cure for high blood pressure, but there can be practices which we can observe to lessen the risks of having it. And one good way to start with is by having a healthy diet. As mentioned earlier, our unhealthy lifestyle is the major cause of having this disease, and it includes our eating habits. According to experts, which is known to almost everyone of us, it is best to take vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy foods, and foods with low cholesterol which include grains, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, and lean red meats. In addition, avoid foods with high concentration of salt and sodium, for higher intakes of these causes a rise in our blood pressure.

Another way to cure high blood pressure is by being physically active. Physical activities help regulate your blood and keep you physically fit, which lessens the possibility of you becoming obese. Since increase in weight has been noted to contribute in the rise of blood pressure, it is important to keep your body physically active by having exercises. Additional cures for hypertension are practices that have to deal with self-control and self-care, and these are moderate drinking and quitting smoking.

There are also natural ways to cure hypertension. This is through the use of herbal medicines, which are proven by a lot of our ancestors since they have been using these for how many years. One good alternative medicine in the list is the garlic. It is known to dilate the blood vessels and relax the muscles. However, medication through this should be supervised by your doctor or any medical practitioner since too much of it may thin your blood. Furthermore, fish oil, folic acid (folate), and Hawthorn herb were also known to lessen the risk of hypertension because of their natural chemical content.

Cures for Hypertension

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